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About Me

Hello, and welcome!
Name: Josh.
Age: 16.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship with spaceboundrockets.tumblr.com.
Enjoys: Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, D.C Comics, Gaming, Retro T-Shirts, Shakespeare, Doctor Who, Improv, Frankenstein, Dracula, Spock, Vader, Zombies, Speaking Kilingon, Stormtroopers, Superpowers, The Flash, Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Tron, Muppets, Food, Spongebob, Patrick, Beats By Dr. Dre, Ray-Bans, LOTOR, HIMYM, TBBT, Mortal Kombat, you know, basic nerdy stuff. Oh, and People I guess .

Welcome, and Enjoy .
And, also, i follow back !
Not to sound desprate, but . :3

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